• Ahmed

    پہلے تو مبارکباد قبول کریں – اس چینل کےشروع کرنے پر۔

    بلکل صحیح تجزیہ کیا ہے آپ نے۔

  • Asif Khan

    Very good initiative,

  • Shaik Ubaid

    Thank you for such an informative talk in
    such a sweet language of Urdu
    I think the analysis would be incomplete if you do not mention the natural reaction of a group when it is about to lose its absolute numerical domination. The group becomes insecure and can be easily manipulated by any demagogue. I had raised this concern many years ago at a meeting of the United National Anti-war Coalition in New York, and this reported on the website of the Muslim Peace Coalition. Since 2010 the majority of the babies being born in the US are not White.This demographic change was exploited very successfully by the Trump campaign. This White insecurity was behind the rise of the Tea Party after the election of Obama.
    Shaik Ubaid, New York

  • Nazar Khan

    Great initiative! Wish you all the best.